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"Lovely mess"

work on electric cables in Thaïland


STUN Press

"Go Out" Magazine


"Daily Movies" 


"Le Nouvelliste"


"Le Courrier"


"Le Temps"



Names of Hong Kong MTR stations in mosaic. 



Again is a future project talking about violence that is inflicted to itself.

This project will include pictures, dance video and testimonials.



Les Gens des Villes
Ls Gens des Villes
Les Gens des Villes
Les Gens des Villes

"les gens des villes"



This choreographic project raises the question of the role of the artist and the relationship he built with his architectural, visual and social environment.

The project "les gens des villes" investing public space with the public and brings together the multiplicity of perceptions, with the help of 400 students.


Cie Estuaire



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